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SSIS 2014 connections not detected


The GUID's for SQL 2014 connections are missing from the meta data.

INSERT [dbo].[LookupConnectionID] ([ConnectionGUID], [ConnectionDescription]) VALUES (N'{1818FF09-AF4D-4EA8-8C9D-0AB43B5775E5}', N'ODBC 2014')
INSERT [dbo].[LookupConnectionID] ([ConnectionGUID], [ConnectionDescription]) VALUES (N'{F3F3005C-C3CB-4C61-B2A9-056035E4D8F2}', N'OLEDB 2014')
INSERT [dbo].[LookupConnectionID] ([ConnectionGUID], [ConnectionDescription]) VALUES (N'{FFEDAAC9-D6BD-4E6B-90AB-D4D296B5096A}', N'ADO 2014')
INSERT [dbo].[LookupConnectionID] ([ConnectionGUID], [ConnectionDescription]) VALUES (N'{D5353B56-34DA-4C97-AC94-722B91013E89}', N'ADO.Net 2014')
INSERT [dbo].[LookupConnectionID] ([ConnectionGUID], [ConnectionDescription]) VALUES (N'{05B2302B-4C20-43FD-92B3-3A067A037436}', N'MSOLAP 2014')
Closed Dec 30, 2015 at 11:23 AM by kmartin


wrote Dec 30, 2015 at 11:23 AM

Resolved with changeset 111843: Add missing insert statements for SQL 2014 sources. Update DB version to 7.